Bioniche Pharma – Clomi-Med (Clomiphene Citrate) – 50mg/60 tabs


Bioniche Pharma Clomi-Med

  • Description: Clomiphene Citrate
  • Package: 50mg/tab – 60tabs/box


Activity5-7 days
Delay WaterNo
Dosage25 - 150 mg/day
High Blood PressureRare

General Information

Clomiphene Citrate isn’t a steroid, even although it’s often related to anabolic
steroids. Bioniche Pharma – Clomi-Med is a member of a category of drugs called Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) together with features that excite and boost gonadotropin production throughout the entire body.

But, because of the character of its function, Clomiphene citrate was designed with the intention of ovarian stimulation.

Since the drug arouses all gonadotropins, its usage far
surpasses merely ovarian stimulation and can be used by many athletes as part of an post-cycle recovery program.


Bioniche Pharma – Clomi-Med is a aelective estrogen receptor modulator that raises gonadotropin production bypreventing negative comments on the hypothalamus. This chemical works by
blocking or reducing the effects of estrogen within the human body.

The discharge of hormones necessary for ovulation. As medicine it’s used to take care of childbirth disorder along with polycystic ovary syndrome in girls.

During the cycle

Clomiphene Citrate It may also be utilized as an estrogen prohibitor in a steroid cycle.



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