Bioniche Pharma – Turi-Med (Turinabol) – 10mg/120 tabs

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Bioniche Pharma – Turi-Med

  • Description: Chlordehydromethyltestosterone (Turinabol)
  • Package: 10mg/120 tabs


Activity16 Hours
Delay WaterLow
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 30-80 mg/day

Turinabol – (Bioniche Pharma Turi-Med)

Turi-med is anabolic steroid that is almost similar to the methandrostenolone. Such drug is created in 1961 by Josephamr. It is considered as androgenic and anabolic drugs that will help you in achieving the fitness goals.  If you already bodybuilder then you should initiate with optimal dosage of steroid that is incorporated with minimal risk. A person should consume 20 to 40 milligrams per day. Bodybuilders can increase dosage to 100 to 150 mg each day.  Before taking such medicine, a person should consult with professional. Course duration is 6 weeks that will enable a person to achieve the fitness goals.

It is affective anabolic steroid that comes with mild properties. This effective & pure anabolic steroid will enable you in achieving the fitness goals. Here are some reasons why Turinabol is great anabolic steroid.

Regular dosage

Beginners should initiate with 30mg every day. If possible then a person should exceed their dosage to 50 or 60mg/day. Over dosage of such anabolic steroid is creating a negative effect. If you don’t want to face any complicated issue then a person don’t have to combine oral anabolic steroids and OT.  To enhance the metabolism then a person should make the use of OT.

Enhance endurance

In case you are initiating a TBOL cycle then a person will experience the changes in weight and will improve the strength. If you are using Turinabol then a person should participate in the marathon workout session. Make sure that you are doing workout 6 days a week.

Strength gains

For quicker recovery and endurance then a person should inject Turinabol that can make the lift easier. To gain strength then you should initiate Turinabol cycle.

Moreover,  when a person is using Turinabol then he can gain lean muscle mass in few weeks.


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