Bioniche Pharma – Oxy-Med (Oxymetholone) – 50mg/60 tabs


Bioniche Pharma – Oxy-Med

  • Description: Oxymetholone
  • Package: 50mg/60 tabs – pack


Activity8 Hours
Delay WaterHigh
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 50-100 mg/day

Vital things that you must know about Oxymetholone – (Bioniche Pharma Oxy-Med)

Oxymetholone is a powerful medicine that can enhance the mass in muscle and strength. A bodybuilder can gain almost 10Kg drug with Bioniche. It is a reliable steroid that is used by bodybuilders & weightlifters. It can enhance water retention in the body. When a person is using this drug effectively, then it will give a great start in a few weeks.  A person can gain 10kg weight. It is a suitable option for the base period. It will able to enhance the red blood cells in the body, and muscles will absorb oxygen.  Oxymetholone can enhance endurance, and bodybuilders can invest proper time in training.

Such steroid is used by professional athletes that will enable them to reach a peak muscle development.  Some older bodybuilders totally depend on it. Let’s discuss 2 important things regarding Oxymetholone.

  • Progesterone

When a person is taking Oxymetholone, then it is enhancing progesterone levels in the body.  It will automatically trim down the gonadotropins production. It can maintain the hormone production in tests. In case you are experiencing any side effects, then a person should make the use of separately.

  • Dosage

Some steroids like Dianabol and stanozolol are completely effective at 30mg dose, but Androl requires 50 to 100 mg dose each day. A bodybuilder should consume 1 to 3 tables 50 to 150mg regularly that can enhance the size of muscle and strength. The cycle should not run more than 21 days. A bodybuilder can use such medicine in the combination of other medicines.

  • Strength & muscle mass

Oxy-med will rapidly enhance muscle mass & strength. A person has to enhance water retention in the body.

Moreover, when a person is consuming Oxymetholone, then he can expect a weight gain of almost 10kg.


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