Bioniche Pharma – Methyl-Med (Methyltestosterone) – 25mg/60 tabs


Bioniche Pharma – Methyl-Med

  • Description: Methyltestosterone (Oral Testosterone)
  • Package: 25mg/60 tabs


Activity8 Hours
Delay WaterHigh
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 50-100 mg/day

What makes Methyltestosterone – (Bioniche Pharma Methyl-Med); best anabolic steroid?

Professional bodybuilders & athletes are using Methyltestosterone that is powerful testosterone. It can also treat variety of medication conditions.  It is cure of the hormonal imbalance and delayed puberty.  To achieve desired objects then a person should consume 50 to 75mg dosage each day. Cycle of steroid will run for almost 4 weeks that will offer the major health advantages. It can treat the low testosterone level in man.

This medicine can also treat the breast cancer in woman. You should take this medication by mouth. If you are consuming regularly then you will experience the changes in voice, increase sexual desires and hair growth. This medicine is causing breast tenderness, breast enlargement and other problems.  Such medicine was discovered in 1935. It can enhance the performance & physique. Let’s discuss why Methyltestosterone great anabolic steroid.

Why it is beneficial?

Methyltestosterone can treat the erectile dysfunction, cyptorchidism and hypogonadism in the males.  If you are taking the low dose then it will treat menopausal symptoms will enhance the energy & libido. This medicine is approved in United States that can treat the hypogonadism. Majority of the doctors are giving this medication to those who are suffering from hypogonadism person should get 10mg dosage of such medication on a regular basis.

Oral medication

Majority of the folks are buying Methyltestosterone that is considered as oral medication which is available under brand names oreton methyl & metandren. A lot of bodybuilders, powerliftters and athletes are using this medication that is improving the energy.

Available forms

Methyl-med is available as oral medication which is available in the brand names oreton methyl and metandren.  Moreover, a person should initiate with 50 mg daily that will help you in gaining the lean muscles. This will help you in achieve the fitness goals.


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