Bioniche Pharma – Halo-Med (Fluoxymesterone) – 10mg/60 tabs


Bioniche Pharma Halo-Med

  • Description: Fluoxymesterone
  • Package: 10mg/tab – 60tabs/box


Activity8 Hours
Delay WaterHigh
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 50-100 mg/day

Halotestin – (Bioniche Pharma Halo-Med); Side effects, Main Usage & Dosage information.

Are you looking for anabolic steroid? Opt for Halo-med Halotestin that is created by Bioniche Pharma. It comes with extremely strong properties. This is commonly used by bodybuilders. Whenever a person is preparing for a bodybuilding competition, they are frequently taking anabolic steroid like Halotestin that will help you in developing the lean muscle mass. If you want to gain the strength without gaining weight then a person should consider Halotestin. Powerliftters & weightlifters are using Halotestin that is boosting the strength. You can also use such steroid for the cutting cycles.

If you have low body fat then it will automatically add hardness to look. A person should make the use of such steroid with caution. Here are side effects, dosage information and usage related details of Halotestin.

Main usage

Halotestin is considered as strongest and safest legal steroid that is manufactured using natural ingredients.  It will enhance the production of testosterone, energy. This steroid is totally safe for the beginners. This compound can treat the breast cancer. A lot of body builders, gym-goers depend on the Halotestin that has 850 androgenic rating. In case you are comparing with testosterone then you will notice testosterone comes with rating of 100.

Side effects

Majority of the bodybuilders are using halotestin when they are actually preparing for any competition. It can easily enhance the strength and add energy in body. To gain the lean muscle mass then it can be ideal option for you.  In order to get rid of fat then a bodybuilder should opt for Halotestin. You should make the se of halotestin in the cutting cycle that can eliminate extra fat from body.

Additionally, to develop the muscles gradually then a person must make the use of Halotestin.


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