Bioniche Pharma – Stano-Med (Stanozolol Injectable) – 100 mg/ml

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Bioniche Pharma Stano-Med

  • Description: Winstrol Depot
  • Package: 1000mg/10ml – 100 mg/ml



Activity1 Day
Delay WaterNo
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 300-600 mg/week

General Information

Bioniche Pharma – Stano-Med Stanozolol is one of the very popular and famous anabolic steroids on earth. On account of this alteration of ring , this can be a exceptional steroid, with an extremely unique cutting capability.

Bioniche Pharma – Stano-Med is the top-cutting steroid available on the marketplace.

Developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962, Stanozolol is a anabolic steroid which has attracted global attention due to a lot of sports scandals through recent years. Many athletes are detained for carrying stanozolol throughout competitions.

Stanozolol has Also had several successes in contemporary medication. It’s been effective in stopping squandering lean tissue also has been effective in preserving bone mass in most cases of osteoporosis. Stanozolol is also utilized to fight protracted exposure to corticosteroid therapy, being allowed to burn victims or to help cure significant fractures. This steroid also has experienced a few, however minimal, achievement in treating obesity when hormonal support is necessary and also with delayed development in children.


Stanozolol will:

• Boost muscle Expansion

• Boost muscle relief

• Burn calories

• Boost resistance

• Grow strength

• Assist in growth of vascularization

• Boost steroid composition



Post-cycle treatment starts after 3 days after the final injection. Utilize gonadotropin with a few Antiestrogens to excite your natural testosterone production.


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