Bioniche Pharma – Enanta-Med (Testosterone Enanthate) – 300 mg/ml


Bioniche Pharma Enanta-Med

  • Description: Testosterone Enathate
  • Package: 3000mg/10ml – 300 mg/ml


Activity5-6 Days
Delay WaterYes
ClassificationAnabolic Steroid
DosageMen 250-1500 mg/week

General Information

Testosterone Enanthate is among the earliest steroids and is possibly the most often used of time. Testosterone enanthate has a slow-acting discharge, in comparison to other kinds of testosterone. Bioniche Pharma – Enanta-Med is the best steroid for all levels of usage.

Artificial Testosterone itself will probably be developed from the 1930s. Back in 1937, the earliest testosterone controlled by esters goes out there as a result of Schering and his brand new testosterone propionate merchandise. This will permit increased control within the endocrine testosterone by controlling its own launch as time passes. Nonetheless, in the early 1950s, bigger enanthate esters where jumped to hormones, which in turn slowed down to hormone action. Testosterone enanthate subsequently became the dominant type of testosterone within the health care field, until testosterone cypionate a small number of years after.


• Increased muscle mass

• Greater IGF-1 and MGF harm amounts

• Loss of body weight

• Loss of the risk of Coronary ischemia and coronary artery heart disease

• Increased libido and effectiveness (though inverse consequences may occur in certain people )

• Greater strength

• Higher muscle support

• Greater energy

• Quicker regeneration

• Increased nitric oxide

• Greater bone mineral material

• Anti-metabolic impact on muscular tissue by behaving as a antiglucocorticoid

Chosen properly, it’s possible to prevent water retention or even decrease the water rentention effect.


Post-cycle treatment Begins after 3 months after the previous shot.

People Using HCG Are suggested to begin using approximately ten times prior to Clomiphene or Tamoxifen for approximately ten times complete of usage.

For your bulking, Testosterone enanthate is much better when blended with methandienone, nandrolone, For your cutting edge cycle, testosterone enanthate should be combined with Stanozol or Oxandrolone. It’s also possible to combine testosterone Enanthate using methenolone enanthate or even boldenone undecylenate.


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